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Friday, November 26, 2010

Nocturnal Seizures and Ictal Vomiting

So, parents of kids with occipital epilepsy...

Did anyone tell you that you might, one evening, go in to check on your sleeping child and find him asleep in a puddle of vomit?

They didn't tell me that either. They still haven't. I had to look it up.

Apparently, there is a whole list of occipital epilepsies that occur in children, and they often (not always) involve the autonomic nervous system--so you get cyanosis (bluish skin from depressed breathing) or Ictal vomiting (throwing up as part of the seizure--often at the end).

When I reported this to the neurologist on call, he suggested that it might be his medication upsetting his stomach (??) But wouldn't I hear from him if he had a tummyache? He is out cold in a puddle of puke like some drunken rock star. I don't think this scenario is likely.

His doctor, upon hearing my report, said something along the lines of "Mm, hmm." That definitely sounds like something. Let's up his meds and go for a blood draw to check his levels." Sensible? Yes, but not terribly informative.

In fact, a person could read all about this here.

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